Taking pictures with sound since 1997...


Christopher Hoffee has been making and recording music since 1984. Having engineered/produced over 80 albums. Started with a Fostex 4 track, then a Tascam 388 8 track, ADAT machines, Otari MX70 16 Track...to now using a RADAR 24 track system going straight into the Steinberg Nuendo DAW.

Old School to Cutting-edge

From recording an entire band live with ribbon, tube mics, using real piano, Wurlitzer, and analog synths to tracking separately and editing them experimentally in the DAW with the best plugins, samples and software you can buy. 

Field Recording and Post Audio

Portable recording for documentaries, small films and videos. Top of the line RX software for cleaning up audio and full mixing capabilities for any project. Sound design and music creation with many of the best artists in town.


Getting the Sound

I work fast because I know my equipment and have put my  life in it. Capturing the performance and the right sound at the same time is paramount to me. I can either help get someone's vision to be reality or help find the direction an artist needs to go. Being an artist myself, I understand what many engineers don't. You have a creative partner when working with me, in any capacity you so choose, that is excited to help you make the best music you can make.