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Every once in a while I write about some odd thing, usually on my Atom Orr site, but occasionally I will write something pertaining to studio/engineering/producing/gear geek subject matter. This will be found here.

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About Christopher Hoffee...

My name is Christopher Hoffee. I have been an artist for 35 years and after making my own albums (Truckee Brothers, Atom Orr), other people hearing them have asked me to record theirs, so here I am. 20 years later recording and producing quite a few albums in San Diego, California. I have a great selection of outboard gear and microphones, mixing old school recording with state of the art digital editing and mixing since 1997. 

Stop by and say hello. We'll spin some vinyl and watch old movies, sip cool drinks, hot coffee's, and eat tasty tid-bits that I have in the refrigerator. Then when you are ready, we'll fire up the studio and get to work!

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Contact me...

 Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project needs. Whether it be engineering, producing, co-writing, post -audio, voice overs, or field recording. I book first come/first serve, work fast, and charge competitive rates.

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